Clutch plate torque settings

clutch plate torque settings Slide the torque tube towards the rear of the car. Rear Main Cap Engine Oil 120 ft-lbs. Hamonic balancer old bolt (then new) Manifold Water pump. What I don't have is the torque settings for the clutch cover plate bolts. m). flywheel & clutch torque specs? Transmission & Drivetrain: 0: Jun 14, 2016 Torque specs for SideKick and Tracker 89 to 98. ft) Clutch cover nuts Td5. 54. BTW, Chuck Stoddard's article on racing the 750 Spiders from back in the day might be the best single source of technical information about 750  16 May 2006 What is the torque spec on the six bolts for the pressure plate on a 240D? It's an ' 80 (w123/OM615) if it makes a difference. Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts. 0L - 428 Cid - V8 - GAS - CARB - Car A Multi-Plate clutch works in the same way as the single-plate clutch by operating the clutch pedal. (Usually it moves up 100 to 200 RPM) Also, a given clutch set up will be most efficient with a given amount of torque and engagement RPM. (1) long 1/2″ drive breaker bar (Use 6-point sockets to remove and reinstall all torque spec’d bolts) (1) 3/16″ to 7/32″ round flat punch with 1 3/4″ reach (Sockets, Open Ends and Box Ends from 8mm to 17mm) Learn how to replace a clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing (aka release bearing), pilot bearing and rear main seal in this video!My clutch wa With full control of clutch engagement, the PTO Clutch has adjustable torque setting and a bearing engagement collar. for the pressure-plate-to-flywheel bolts is wrong and  15 Apr 2016 clutch pressure plate are 9 ftlbs. Lastly, you will need a clutch plate kit with all the necessary components. (40-47 N. If  3 Oct 2012 Just need to torque the bolts up now does anyone know the torque. I try to get this clutch kit online but distributors do not know anything about it. ft) Clutch release bearing pivot point bolt. 1 of 2 Go to page. i got a new luk clutch and everything. DO NOT use a washer with this pressure plate bolt. Pressure plate - Does anyone have the torque settings for the pressure plate to flywheel? Want to get the tranny on today but left my book at a friends and he's gone today. 25 Nov 2017 torque settings: valve cover (-Set) 8 Nm camshaftbearings. Flex Plate to Crankshaft . email us. 4 lb-ft. ft) Alternator support bracket to cylinder head bolts. Does anybody have this information handy? I'm still searching around but I don't think I have the right manual here  pressure plate torque specs. Main bearing caps. 180-210 foot pounds 35-45 foot pounds Apr 15, 2008 · This is the Torque setting for all of the nuts and bolts on the 2003 Jeep Wrangler. 301 Engine: 350-455 : Bolt, main bearing cap to block 70 lb-ft 100 lb-ft oil 20 lb-ft Bolt, rear main cap to block 100 120 oil 20 Bolt, cylinder head 85 95 * oil 20 Bolt, flywheel to crankshaft 95 95 dry 40 Bolt, oil pan to block 12 12 In case of overload, a patented disengagement mechanism disconnects the input and output without residual torque. and torque 10mm and 3/8 bolts to 35ft/lbs. 21441-48g20 plate, clutch drive no. I would say 25 to 35 foot pounds should be sufficient. Extensive research and dynamometer testing ensure that our frictions perform to their utmost in every application. what are the torque specs of all the bolts? i looked all over the forum and cant find it. 20 3). Then you set your hard flat surface on the back of the bearing and hammer on the surface to install the new pilot bearing. ANJ 071837 I'm fitting a new DMF, clutch kit and bolts tomorrow and my manual has not arrived yet. Alto replacement pack : 58-819 in-cludes one thick steel, one double sided friction, 8 inside splined plates, and 8 outside splined plates. First you want to set the pilot bearing inside of the crankshaft so that the flat part of the bearing is facing outward and the 2 notches are facing inward. Dec 08, 2006 · Can someone look at their chilton or haynes manual and give me the torque specs for the flywheel to crank bolts pressure plate to flywheel bolts dirvers and passangers axle nut I have a friends 2003 Focus ZX3 with the 2. Only part of the pin should be visible. Tightening torque Sep 03, 2011 · Just fitting a new clutch to my car and I dont have a small torque wrench handy, what torque settings do I need to tighten the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel in nm? Ive niped them up but not over tightend them too much, is it essential i get them perfectly torqued up to aid in precise Tighten the clutch sleeve hub nut to the specified torque. Nov 07, 2018 · Clutch plates are a very important part of your motorcycle which helps the rider in giving command to the engine so as to when to take feedback from the accelerator and when not to, just to explain in layman terms. Odds are it will handle the extra force. TORQUE WRENCH SETTINGS. Is there any specialist tools Other than the normal alignment tool and torque wrench etc. Soaking the New Clutch Plates With the clutch back together (centre nut 50 ft lb plus loctite and locking washer) it is time to replace the plates, set the clutch spring tension and make sure the outer spring plate moves out squarely when the clutch is operated. What are the torque specs for: M12 Crankshaft to Flywheel bolts. With all of the clutch plates removed from the clutch basket, using one finger from each hand on the flats of the CLT-100, install the CLT-100 about 1/3rd of the way into the clutch basket by aligning the internal and external teeth of the clutch Torque settings reference for First Generation (NA) MX5 Miata. Make sure the clutch pushrod is straight (roll it along a piece of glass to check). 9 70 61 in. Dual Mas Flywheel to crank, cover plate to flywheel and prop shaft to gearbox ****** bolts and if poss any other torque settings for this area Torque Settings for the Evo 8 Backing plate mounting nut 118 ± 9 N·m (87 ± 4 ft-lb) Knuckle Clutch ITEM SPECIFICATION A sale may not be deeper than 8% of MAP (eg: if MAP is set at $100, the item may not be advertised for sale for less than $92) nor will a sale run for more than 31 calendar days; b) Limited social media announcements regarding a sale of a MAP protected item may occur in conjunction with McLeod’s “Dealer of the Race” program or other Mar 07, 2015 · Luk clutch self adjusting, Luk flywheel dmf, Luk bolts, gearbox oil, clutch slave, bearing and exhaust gaskets. 31 Jan 2018 Flywheel is in the Engine section. The non-contact torque generating structure allows it to be used with high speed rotation. You will need a little patience. Oct 20, 2012 · Now it was time for the pressure plate and clutch disc. remember this is “cheep” steel or aluminum if you over Jun 27, 2017 · Inspect Clutch Wear: The clutch disc is the part that wears down much like a brake pad, in fact the clutch disc has brake pad material on either side of it which is held on by rivets. the clutch plate is 11", 10 spline with a 1" hub, the pressure plate is 11", 29 spline, 1 7/8" hub and 4 levers. 11-16-2008, 02:18 PM. 7-23. 14 Mar 2005 clutch on Hugos engine yesterday. And, "add the plates lightly oiling as you go along" I never oil any of the plates, I always put them in clean and dry. 0 Tdi clutch and flywheel please got the car on axle stands out back waiting for delivery of my new clutch . 5 Doing my first clutch job with a buddy For EJ25, Subaru Service Manual says 11. Corsa C > Vauxhall Workshop Manuals > K Clutch and Transmission > Manual Transmission Front Wheel Drive > Specifications > Recommended Torque Values. Final torque to: 25 - 28 ft/lbs. I am running ARP flywheel bolts if it  23 May 2014 know what torque settings / methodology are to be used for the following: Big end bearing caps. CU3RVO · Registered. Cam thrust plate bolts 210 in. uk Torque settings for fortwo, forfour and roadster. Trail Rider. Spark Plugs 25 ft. Clutch Pressure Plate Torque Settings. I did a search here and found a recommeded torque setting of 18 pounds on the clutch bolts. Oct 29, 2020 · A torque converter is typically made of four major components: an impeller, a stator, a turbine, and a clutch plate. Internal springs ensure that the assembly is engaged by default, meaning the pressure plates are pushing the other two components together, allowing the engine to transmit energy to the transmission. When setting stall speed we suggest making your adjustments in 1/4 turn increments at a time. I removed the clutch basket and can't find torque secs for the four Jan 07, 2010 · Try using the torque wrench on an old bolt. Zoom 100%. Most pressure plates have a maximum of 7 turns adjustment. B. I'd really appropriate the help Cheers Laurie. Page 0 / 5. Check/Fill Plug. Location: Seale, Alabama (25 miles south of Auburn, Al  Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until pressure plate is completely drawn-up to the flywheel. / Lbs), TORQUE* The clutch pressure plate is fitted into a clutch steel cover, which is bolted to the flywheel. Trap 01 50 Nm use new bolds and nuts. 060" -. /lbs. Tighten the flywheel bolts to the specified torque in two steps using the Angular Tightening Method. 95 version uses a larger 11 inch pressure ring for more surface area and heat dissipation, and bolts up to a 10. Mar 22, 2014 · First things first. The harmonic damper's torque is 60 ft. Jun 13, 2000 · Clutch Spring Housing to Pressure Plate set screws: 16: 2. 0: Clutch spring support bolt: Gearshift cam stopper plate bolt: 10: 1. M6 10 Nm M8 20 Nm camshaft pullies. 3) It generates low heat so no need of cooling media required. C. Kevlar is OEM 1998-2018 Subaru Clutch Pressure Plate Bolt Set x6 Impreza WRX STI 800508310 Yonaka Honda Civic Performance 6 Puck Stage 3 Clutch Set 400hp 300ft/lbs Torque MST559033 - Centerforce II Clutch Series utilizes our centrifugal weights and patented machining processes for superb holding power and maximum clutch life. I used red loctite with the flywheel bolts and blue loctite on the pressure plate bolts. Cylinder Head Bolts, 65-70 *. 26 Dec 2011 hi guys does anyone know what the torque is for tightening the clutch pressure plate bolts?? Also any tips i should know regarding refitting the flywheel 26 Jul 2011 If they are 3/8" bolts with 9/16" hex heads, Grade 5, they should get 45-50 ft-lbs. In stock and ready to ship. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. s. Oil Pump to Block, 12-15. Failure to do this could result in improper piloting of the clutch and cause clutch damage. , however this torque setting runs the risk of breaking the clutch locating circlip (06-0752). 1970 Dodge Challenger Torque Specs These numbers will work for Plymouth Cuda too. Slant Six. The torqueing of the 8 new flywheel bolts at 83 lb-ft went well, but the torqueing of the 6 pressure plate bolts didnt go so well. 5 inch clutch pattern for smaller bellhousings. 4 When taking off I hear a screeching noise during engagement after installing an EXEDY Stage 2 clutch kit. Dual Mas Flywheel to crank, cover plate to flywheel and prop shaft to gearbox flange bolts and if poss any other torque settings for this area (Gearbox to Engine maybe?). Also thread locker on the flywheel bolts- yay or nay? I don't  Apply engine oil to fixing bolts. 25:1 and above are required. " 4/13 Hi does anyone by chance have the torque settings for my 2003 LT 35 (ANJ) 2. 92. Factor in a torque wrench that might have been mis-handled, and its a recipe for disaster and broken bolts. I decided to add the AIM variable pressure clutch plate to the clutch on my '15 Ultra Limited. Monday to Thursday / 8am - 5pm Friday / 8am - 3pm Closed on public holidays. ft. Aug 08, 2017 · Hi, just wondering if anyone has the torque settings for the clutch and dual mass flywheel bolts on a 2009 Grande Punto 1. Air conditioning (A/C) condenser with integrated drier Pressure sensor Aug 12, 2018 · DHM head studs Torque specs and sequence: EcoBoost Engine Upgrades: 3: Feb 15, 2018: Pierce 6 point brace Torque specs (and creaking noise) Suspension, Brakes & Chassis: 20: Nov 6, 2017: S: Torque specs needed: Transmission & Drivetrain: 0: Aug 30, 2017: Help. 0-liter/5-speed), can anyone help me out with the torque specs for the flywheel and pressure plate? also the new Sachs clutch kit i picked up came with a throwout bearing, when i removed the trans there wasn't one there, I am assuming the bearing is included to cover a range of years and the 98's did not utilize them, is this correct? thanks! Aug 19, 2017 · Clutch spring screws M5x0. 8 5 FRAME TORQUE SETTINGS In Nm Tolerance ±10% If marked (•) tolerance on tightening torque: ±5% CHAIN, FRONT SPROCKET Torque Setting Ft. 2 plus a little bit?). carguyshu , 04-22-2015 10 26 Sep 2010 55lbs is for the LS1. 0l Zetec? I have the manuals on PDF but seem to be missing this section. Nov 06, 2020 · The pressure plate disengages from the clutch disc, allowing the disc and transmission input shaft to spin free of the engine. EPI also offers high quality replacement driveline parts such as Axles, U-Joints, CV Joints, Front End and Suspension parts, Braks and more. Your NORMALLY only Need the FIBRE Discs, Not the steel ones! I need to know what the torque settings are on Audi A3 2003 fly wheel and clutch plate. 6. 0-liter/5-speed), can anyone help me out with the torque specs for the flywheel and pressure plate? also the new Sachs clutch kit i picked up came with a throwout bearing, when i removed the trans there wasn't one there, I am assuming the bearing is included to cover a range of years and the 98's did not utilize them, is this correct? thanks! Oct 24, 2008 · edit it's under engine mechanical, general, tightening torque. stage 2: 44 ft-lbs. Manual locking. Jun 17, 2014 · Glow plug: Torque to 15 Nm. Fuel injection rail-to-cylinder head bolts. Clutch bleed screw. And as for the clutch hub nut, "use loctite on the threads" True, but use medium strength, not high strength. 0 Device: Slip clutch / Disengagement Torque Limiter Rotary Speed: 700 to 1800 Clutch housing, 900 and early 750 30-34 Nm Torque settings for 07 S4RS: - Torque settings Number plate light nuts M5x0. Pull is a function of the Torque Setting Ft. Caliper carrier to hub bolts. If using new OEM Fasteners, use factory torque specs to bolt the flywheels bolts in a crisscross fashion. Can someone confirm the torque specs for the flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts for my 04 s60r m66. -lbs. Ive got a heavy duty clutch to put on the engine im dropping in, what are the torque settings for the bolts that hold the presure plate on? Its a 1. What are the flywheel torque specs and the clutch to flywheel torque specs as well? Please look in your book. When this lining wears it allows the rivets to contact the flywheel or pressure plate which causes the clutch to slip. I used new bolts from SNG too even though I had the old ones. Flywheel to crankshaft bolts on the R56 are single use torque to yield. lb. 5 29 33 39 44 … Continue reading → While this does get the clutch working again, the correct approach is to replace all the worn clevis pins, build up the ball end with weld and replace or repair the master cylinder clevis. i need the flywheel bolts and presure plate specs. NOTE: There getting bolted to a v6 engine if that make any difference. Joined Mar 4, 2008 · 724 Posts . Problem #2: Clutch Spring Setup . Tips and tricks welcomed. 0L and I am replacing his clutch for him and need these torque specs to finish. ·lbf Bearing cap sub–assembly x Cylinder block 12 pointed head 13-20/18-26 14-21/20-28: Swaybar end link bolts, both ends: 27-40/36-54: Upper shock mount plate bolts: 22-27/29-36: Upper shock nuts: 23-34/31-46 Torque is transmitted from ats on a clutch hub to mating ats on inner plates (through friction pads) and then to outer plates through torque pins, to the housing and an output gear or pulley. Jan 24, 2018 · A long pry bar can be used to prevent a new flywheel from turning while applying torque to the crankshaft & pressure plate bolts. Clutch Cover to Flywheel— Bolts . Tighten all bolts evenly, ¼ turn at a time in a crisscross pattern until pressure plate is completely drawn-up to the flywheel. Keep in mind this is a manual swapped car. operation of your clutch. Note: These specifications apply only to  9 May 2011 im finally putting my truck back together after my major oh shit and im doin my last minute read ups. As I write my notes, I'm curious What is the torque setting for the pressure plate? Does anyone know the Torque specs for the flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts? I REALLY need to know by tomorrow morning. Prior to the late 1940's there were no torque specifications. Ford 4. Tightening torque: 25 N・m { 2. Need torque spec for inner clutch hub. As the number of clutch plates increases, the friction surfaces will also be increases. The standard clutch is set to engage at 2,200 rpm with the soft action that provides protection to the engine shaft and driven members. Wheel bolts. m) A/C Refrigerant Filter Retaining Nuts 11 (15) Compressor Bracket Mounting Bolts 37 (50) Compressor Clutch Plate Retaining Bolt 13 (18) Compressor Discharge Hose Nut At Connector 12 (16) Measuring the torque is Donald Duck way of setting the clamping force. won't I need to torque things up after the installation to spec:confused: I don't have time to buy  Flywheel/Pressure Plate bolt torque specs. Remove the shift lever and shift lever base plate from the torque tube. 1st Step. E. If anyone has a clue please Drivetrain (Cooper S) - Torque specs - flywheel , pressure plate, clutch swap - Hi, I'm going to change out these components and I was wondering. Sep 08, 2010 · j/k I know that all the external bolts like the clutch cover and stator cover have that same torque spec of 7. Main Bearing Bolts, 95-105. 050" (1. Need clarification ASAP this is from the facts list. 10 24. Back to Tech Sheet Inserts. I don't have a tool that can be set that precisely, and 25 Nm is pretty much the bottom of the  Just as the title says What are the torque specs for: M12 Crankshaft to Flywheel bolts Pressure plate to flywheel bolts Keep in mind this is a manual swapped car. This unit is designed for street and race cars that require an aggressive but streetable engagement and high torque capacity. Use new pressure plate bolts and tighten to 18 lb-ft 3. Insert your clutch alignment tool to hold the disc in place when you remove the pressure plate. Jul 08, 2010 · replacing the clutch in my 1998 VW Jetta K2 (2. Engine Td5. The pressure p [Pa] acting on the clutch is equal with the ratio between the normal force F a and the area of the friction surface S [m 2]: Loosen the locking nut with a 1/2" spanner. 10 Nm (7 lbf. ·lbf Air cleaner case 5. 9—5. Set all three bolts in this manner. ft) The force $${F_1}$$ and $${F_2}$$ in a brake band and the direction of rotation of the drum are as shown in the figure. Used with a 150 ft. 8 5 FRAME TORQUE SETTINGS In Nm Tolerance ±10% If marked (•) tolerance on tightening torque: ±5% CHAIN, FRONT SPROCKET Timer screws (inner cover and sensor plate) Tappet Screen Plug Spark Plug Transmission Side Cover bolts Crankcase bolts Step 1 Step 2 Intake Manifold Flange capscrew Primary Cover screws Compensating Sprocket nut Transmission Sprocket nut Transmission Sprocket locking screw Clutch hub nut: Torque Value. 5 29 33 39 44 … Continue reading → Mar 22, 2014 · First things first. Engine, Torque Wrench settings, Connecting rod nut, Crankcase screws M8 halves, Crankcase nuts M12 halves, Cylinder head nuts M10, Cylinder head nuts M8, Rocker shaft to Cylinder head nuts, Oil Pump to crankcase nut, Oil drain plug, Oil strainer cover Clutch cover torque setting? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 21 Posts. Torque:19 N·m (195 kgf·cm, 14 ft·lbf) im doin my last minute read ups. Working: Sintered Metal Shoes - The Max-Torque clutch uses six sintered metal clutch shoes. 4375 200-700 1,000 2001. Brake Caliper Mounting Actuating the clutch requires a complex series of motions be performed to modify torque and dis- placement resulting in the approximate 2mm movement of of a pressure plate against a constant spring pressure. Can anyone confirm that number,  1) What torque settings should the 6 bolts that hold the clutch pack to the flywheel be tightened to? I have read 24. I have tried searching, that sounds way too high for the clutch pressure plate bolts to flywheel. ft Nov 13, 2015 · Hi, im pulling my engine out and replacing with a low mileage one temporarily while I rebuild my old engine to a higher spec. 8 16v) Cheers. 9 Nm (7 lbf. SmallBlock LA Engine – 273, 318, 340, 360 Torque specifications are for stock factory type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. Set the Core Manual drive plates aside and use the new ones. The original factory setting is 0. These pieces work together in a fluid-filled housing. THANKS! 1996 F-250 PSD XL single cab. lbs. Clutch Slave - 16ft-lb * [BUY PARTS] FUEL SYSTEM TORQUE SPECS. Does any one have the settings / torque figures for fitting a Audi a3 2. A good maintenance program would be to occasionally measure the set-up distance and compare that to the release bearing distance, which should not change. Remove the clutch disc and set aside. This permits long run-out times. Once the driver has changed gears, releasing the clutch pedal allows the pressure plate to reengage the clutch disc and once again transmit engine torque to the transmission. 0Nm Need torque spec for inner clutch hub. 8L engines) This data is not Guaranteed, it is just a collation of facts for my journal. 25. The clutch kit is rated at 500 to 700 horsepower and 800 lbs/ft of torque. We've been in business for almost 30 years developing world-class CVT Clutch Kits. Flywheel to Crank. 18 Nm (13 lbf. should give you a good close shot at it. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model It just says follow manufacture torque specs. Am not sure this is required, but with all the energy when the flywheel  Remarks: Some clutch kits come with OS GIKEN Flywheel Bolts. Dan[FN]6262's Avatar. Driveshaft nuts and bolts. Clutch Closed. Upper pivot bolt. Contact Us. Using a wood dowel or the handle of a hammer you can lever the finger pressure from the finger to the cover. and then an Inch/lb torque wrenched used. Shouldnt go nowhere (: #7 chazbob , Jul 29, 2012 ENGINEERED TECHNOLOGY From stock replacement to professional-level racing, all Quarter Master® clutches are built with premium internal friction material for high torque capacity and engineered to reduce moment of inertia for lightweight power transfer. ft) Clutch cover bolts V8. Thanks in advance! Aug 12, 2018 · DHM head studs Torque specs and sequence: EcoBoost Engine Upgrades: 3: Feb 15, 2018: Pierce 6 point brace Torque specs (and creaking noise) Suspension, Brakes & Chassis: 20: Nov 6, 2017: S: Torque specs needed: Transmission & Drivetrain: 0: Aug 30, 2017: Help. 40 Nm (30 lbf. Install the clutch push piece (13), bearing (14) and thrust washer (15) to the countershaft. maximum. N∙m (kg∙m/lb∙ft). In fact, it’s critical, and an inch or two can make all the difference in how the clutch performs. honestjohn. See the “Install Clutch Pack” section for instructions. Follow the numerical order shown in the illustration. 5: Gudgeon Pin Clamp Screws: 22 to 25: 3. Brake disk retaining screw. Install the SST. STAMPED ANGLE SPRING - PULL TYPE MODELS The 14" Stamped Angle Spring models suit engines with flat flywheels that develop up to 1050 lb ft of Mar 12, 2012 · What is the torque spec for the main bolt that attaches the PTO clutch to the motor on a 250Z Snapper? Click to expand If i remember right its 50 pound/foot. Clutch. I01MI008  Just fitting a new clutch to my car and I dont have a small torque wrench handy, what torque settings do I need to tighten the clutch pressure plate to the I found a piece of clutch plate in my oil so I am putting in new plates and springs. The key to a hydraulic clutch setup is getting the pedal ratio correct. Windage Trays / Girdle Baffle Plates– 4. Let’s break down No, the HD clutch kits have a higher clamp load over the non-HD variants to allow for an even higher torque holding capacity. Harmonic damper bolt 135 ft. 0: After tigntening to the above torque Jun 08, 2010 · changing a 202 motor into an old series 2A landrover , could you help me with the torque settings of (1) flywheel to crank bolts, (2) cluch pressure plate to flywheel torque settings, and adaptor plat … read more This video describes how to install a clutch and pressure plate on a 2004 Mazda B2300. 8 5 ( •) GREASE A Manifold nipple M5x0. Transmission Transmission Manual. 500 1. 0260. 0: 7. Samurai, 17 to 22. Its very easy to hit the 7lb/ft figure before its tightened to anything. "and tighten, how tight? BSA never released torque settings so the one I use is AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN. ·lbf ECM cover 6. I checked a few places through the manual as it seemed surprisingly low, but all said the same. Correct installation IS CRITICAL to the proper operation of your clutch. torque wrench, and with the engine locked, it will let me determine the torque on the Spindle required to cause the clutch plates to slip at any given setting of the clutch springs. 25 mm {0. Business Hours. This means that  23 Oct 2008 Engine, Intake, Exhaust - Flywheel & Pressure Plate Torque Specifications? - Does anyone know the tightening torque specifications for the flywheel and pressure plate mounting bolts? I looked at hyundaitechinfo and it has a  1 Dec 2004 I'm putting my clutch system back together on my '67 after replacing the disc and pressure plate. 06-2. left bolt (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8). Pressure plate to flywheel, 25 to mounting bracket, 25, 18. co. Install fastener hand tight. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. New "Rushmore" Models - Pressure plate torque specs - Can anyone tell me the proper torque specs for the clutch pressure plate on a 103??? 14 Mar 2013 ok i had a thread were i broke a bolt off in the flywheel but thats taken care of, the thing is in there someone siad they torque thier bolts to 30# but in the haynes manual it says 15#. google fastener torque value and about 100 pages of torque values come up. The increase in friction surface increases the capacity of the clutch to transmit more torque for the same size. It would be good to have an inch torque wrench to put it back together. Jun 04, 2010 · Just as the title says. METRIC. i recently purchased a 1980 spit and am replacing the clutch ( as well as every seal and gasket that leaks while the motor is out). 2 kgf·m, 29—37 ft·lbf} Engine rear side. It is recomended that you use locktight on this nut and torque to 35 or 40 ft lb. Clutch clearance for stock clutch pack: Use stock clearance. 1 kg/m) for clutch to flywheel". Feb 21, 2010 · Dualmass Flywheel to Crankshaft: Replace bolts, Torque to 60 Nm + 90° Pressure Plate to Flywheel: Replace bolts, tighten all bolts in 1/4 turn increments to a final torque of 22 Nm plus an additional 90° turn. (Torque specs) Hd Flywheel/ clutch. When the vehicle needs to switch gears, the computer signals the actuator to push the throw-out bearing inwards which relieves the pressure from the pressure plate. For 2 Plate Only: Use a six ounce hammer and a 1/4" flat nose punch to lightly tap the four separator plate pins toward the flywheel. Attach and torque the flywheel and pilot bearing hub to the engine, lower the engine onto the front frame (or “un Z split” the case) backing the pilot bearing onto the drive shaft. 95 . thanks : : Justin  23 Feb 2015 Flywheel and clutch cover bolt torque settings Saxo Engine/Performance. Master cylinder to pedal box, 25, 18. lb: Engine: Camshaft cover bolts: 9: 7: Camshaft gear bolt 8mm bolt 10mm bolt: 33 65: 24 48: Crankshaft pulley bolt: 205: 151: Cylinder head bolts Jun 04, 2010 · Just as the title says. I've tried searching and looking at the clutch changing artical but there is no mention of torque settings for the pressure plate to flywheel. The 4. 4) It should be dynamically balanced and easy to operate. McLeod has a inner ring first that bolts down with ARP bolts that go to the flywheel and then the pressure plate gets held down with studs and nuts. Mar 22, 2020 · When this happens, all the torque between the engine and the torque tube is transferred. 6 lb ft : Pressure Control Solenoid Bracket to Valve Body Bolt : 6-10 lb ft : Pump Assembly to Case Bolt HVAC System Torque Specifications HVAC SYSTEM TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. Working on the 94 model should I use And this is Ft pounds not Inch Pounds I assume Clutch Bolts: 1988-1994---32 (43) OR Clutch Housing torque 1992-1994---29 (39) Transmission Transmission Manual Check/Fill Torque the 6 bolts on the clutch cover. The coefficient of friction is $$0. The Angle Ring Clutch is a push type single plate clutch available in 310mm, 330mm or 350mm sizes to suit engines that develop up to 500lb ft of torque. Line up the matchmarks and tighten the clutch cover bolts in this sequence; Fig. 3 Austin Rover Maestro do you? Clutch 1. d. 7 Nov 2018 New camed ls1 engine, t56 6speed. Thought I'd be helpful Clutch Pressure Plate Bolt (In Sequence and Evenly Over 3 Increments) 70 Nm 52 lb ft Torque specs for LS1 motors. Step ONE: Once the new clutch hub has been pressed into the old clutch basket You will need a Torque wrench to Torque the Clutch Spring Bolts and Engine Cover back up though, with the appropriate sockets. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model Aug 19, 2017 · Clutch spring screws M5x0. Working on the 94 model should I use And this is Ft pounds not Inch Pounds I assume Clutch Bolts: 1988-1994---32 (43) OR Clutch Housing torque 1992-1994---29 (39) Transmission Transmission Manual Check/Fill Aug 31, 2009 · Re: torque for pressure plate bolts/clutch if you don't find the torque values. Use the clutch alignment tool to align the clutch disc and then install the pressure plate. If so whats the best way to get them out  I need to double check the torque values of my pressure plate to flywheel bolts. Also, what make was the original clutch in these cars from the factory? Torque Wrench Settings Recommended Lubricants, Fuel and Fluids-Capacities Maintenance Engine Anti-PollutionSystem Fuel System Cooling System Manifold and Exhaust System Clutch Gearbox Overdrive **'A'Type 'J'Type Propeller and Drive Shafts Rear Axle and Final Drive Steering Front Suspension Rear Suspension Brakes Wheels and Tyres Body Heating SOURCE: need to know the torque settings put some locktight on the flywheel bolts and make sure they are tight by using a impact gun or jam a screwdriver into ringear and a bellhousing bolt as fulcrum and then pull bolts up with a big snap on knuckle bar and go round twice 1/2 inch drive---clutch use a 3/8 socket set and dont over tighten go round at least 3 times and dont forget to put copper I need the torque wrench settings for the clutch plate, pressure plate and flywheel for a Ford 4100 tractor maybe 1969 or 70. flywheels but these should not be used above 8000rpm. 9 jtd 59kw? Or I can manage in an empiric way (for example torque settings for a mk2 1. 2: Flywheel Center Bolt: 110 to 115: 15. 2mm) feeler gauge between the bolt head & PTO pressure plate, set the gap & tighten the locking nut. 0 to 3. Torque the bolts in sequence across from each other to 75-85  so here goes. These bolts. 2RZ/3RZ flywheel bolts cannot be re-used! These are a torque-to-yield bolt  E type ( XK-E ) - Torque setting. 2 ft lbs and you will definately break those cover bolts before your wrench clicks, but on the clutch spring bolts it doesnt even feel close to sketchy, you have the pressure of the springs and the bolts so it clicks no prob well before CLUTCH TO MAINSHAFT NUT: The factory torque setting for this nut is 70 ft lb. Oil Pump  2 Aug 2012 Im after the torque setting for the clutch and fly wheel for a lc 2000 accent with the dohc 16v engine. To prevent warping, unscrew the pressure plate mounting bolts (A) in a crisscross pattern in several steps, then to the release fork (A), the release fork bolt (B), the release bearing (C), and the release bearing guide (D) in the shaded areas. lb: Engine: Camshaft cover bolts: 9: 7: Camshaft gear bolt 8mm bolt 10mm bolt: 33 65: 24 48: Crankshaft pulley bolt: 205: 151: Cylinder head bolts SOURCE: Bolt torque specs for flywheel, pressure plate, 1. Hammill's book describes a properly set up clutch as having the diaphragm 'dead flat'. For 2-strokes: Note that your new kit includes extra drive plates. (User Above) wrote: : : hey all, : well got a new clutch and all and wonderin what : the specs should be to torque the pressure : plate to the fly wheel. 6 ft-lb. or an M10×1. · 2. Please consult your FSM for you car! Values below 15 ft/lbs are best converted, to Inch/Lbs, just multiply by 12. Jun 04, 2019 · Additionally, while some bikes may require more specific tools, you should have an Allen set, socket set with an extension, wrench, torque wrench, screwdrivers, shop rags and gasket sealer. 19 Oct 2010 Just having a little trouble trying to find out the torque settings for the clutch on the GE. 13 Apr 2017 Install flywheel using a small amount of Loctite on the flywheel bolts. Bolt/fixing: Nm: ft. Download (PDF, 172KB) This entry was posted on June 30, 2017 at 5:29 pm and is filed under Interesting Stuff . Thanks. Clutch spring set bolt: 10: 1. Acknowledgements to BBE - Binman - The AIM - Blackdog - Tolsen Modular clutch at flexible plate: 20. Just wondering if anyone has the flywheel and pressure plate bolt torque specs? The Wiki page has most of the other specs but not these Any help is appreciated! Thanks. Can't remember where I got them from so if anyone can point me in the right directoion that would be good. Pressure Plate - 25 to 33 Foot Pounds 3. Comments: I have a problem with my clutch . Well OEM clutch has outer bolts that hold the entire assembly to the flywheel. 98 in} bolt as shown in the figure. 38—51 N·m {3. Oct 07, 2008 · This gets asked a lot, so here they are according to Nissan workshop manuals: Rb26: Balancer Bolt - 446-466nm (ouch!) Flywheel Bolt - 124-152nm Clutch Bolt - 34-44nm Rb25: Balancer Bolt - 142-152 Flywheel Bolt - 124-152nm Clutch Bolt - 34-44nm Chevrolet small-block engines, produced by General Motors, include the 267-, 327- and 350-cubic-inch V8s. Use with standard manual transmission or automatic with high stall torque converter. 030″ (76mm) of wear; Ultra-High Ratio A torque limiter is an automatic device that protects mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage by mechanical overload. Smooth torque during connection and braking so that no shock will be incurred, and can obtain smooth operation properties. Jul 30, 2012 · cheers for help guys but i couldnt find the right info so did the flywheel to 70nm then about half a turn each (F. The exact amount of torque needed depends on the size of the engine. 3 and 1. T lol) clutch bolts 45nm. 00+. 21441-48g30 plate, clutch drive no. 7mm diameter springs. 09" however in our workshop we set the gap at 0. CLUTCH ft/lbs Nm in/lbs 14-18: 19-24 : Flywheel bolts: 71-75: 96-102 : Pressure plate bolts: 14 FRICTION PLATES TORQUE CONVERTER STEEL PLATES Raybestos Powertrain premium quality friction clutch plates are designed with attention to every detail. These clutch plates are made by ALTO PRODUCTS a leader in USA made clutch plate manufacturing. "How to remo Torque converter-to-driveplate bolt: 62: Oil pan bolts: 9: Transfer Case - Ft-lbs; Transfer case-to-transmission nuts: 20: Shift lever case center bolt: 60 in-lbs: Shift lever case bolts; Sidekick: 144 in-lbs: Tracker: 20: Samurai Transfer case flange nut: 80 to 108 lbs: Clutch and Drivetrain - ft-lbs; Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts: 14 to 20 Dodge Ram Pickup Torque Specs. Bolt Dia. ( no Samurai or Sport 1. Insert an guide tool into the disc and set the cover and disc on the flywheel Order Clutch Set for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Sidekick and Tracker, 36 to 43. I am trying to pull the pressure plate on my 325ic parts car to remove the flywheel. I dont want to buy a manual so I was wondering what I should torque the spring bolts to. 21 Dec 2017 OR Clutch Housing torque; 1992-1994---29 (39). 7. Being BMC transverse they have slightly different clutch assemblies to most other cars but I  2 Sep 2014 Hi, Can anyone confirm what the torque settings for the standard clutch and dual mass flywheel bolts should be for a 98 AFN passat engine? I`m fitting them tonight, but there seems to be all sorts of conflicting information! Workshop manual list 19nm as the torque for the pressure plate/clutch cover to flywheel bolts. This O'Cedar MaxiPlus clutch plate is made from cast-aluminum, which is perfect for high torque jobs that require a strong material that will not give under high stress. Page references from the Service Manual are included in each Subsystem listing unless noted otherwise. Volume Discount is available ; CAD Available in 2D and 3D 10 Jun 2020 Common hi grade bolt torque specs are provided in the table below . 6 liter Engines. Justin 30 Jan 2010 I just read this post which which claims that the Haynes manual torque setting of 18Lb ft. Water pump bolts 30 ft. "Flywheel bolt torque: stage 1: 22 ft-lbs. 88-95ft/lbs for flywheel, 11-15ft-lbs for pressure plate. They are used in high torque situations where friction levels would be Prior to the late 1940's there were no torque specifications. Trap 02 60° Trap 03 15° Spannerroll – Multi-riem/V-snaar 25 Nm Spaninrichting  Nm. I used a Chilton's that listed them at 30-40lbs. beltdrives. Depending on the type of friction, we can have: dry clutches; wet (  Hi all,. 2. •. flywheel & clutch torque specs? Transmission & Drivetrain: 0: Jun 14, 2016 Fig. 4 T-Jet. h. Clutch and Drivetrain - ft-lbs. Posts: 461. Connecting Rod Nuts, 45-50. Master cylinder pipe union, 18, 13. Recommended torque settings 22Nm [ 16lbft ] See relevant clutch diameter section for dimensions and torque figures Flywheels These clutches can be fitted to existing cast iron O. I have never had a clutch system come free of the flywheel when only tightening to factory specified torque settings. The smooth engagement insures safety and eliminates any harsh self-energizing action. Rear Main Plate – 4. thanks. ft) Alternator/vacuum pump oil feed pipe union. View of the clutch plate, disc and related components; Fig. RobG. Figure 4 shows what he's talking Torque depends on the coefficient of friction of the plates and also on the amount of pull force between the armature plate itself and the magnet body and coil assembly. Even better, its life expectancy is about the same as that of a stock disc. 3 to 1. Pressure Plate to Flywheel – 25-33 ft-lb. Red  28 Jan 2011 Anyone got the torque settings for the clutch to flywheel bolts? Quick Q What should the 6 bolts for the pressure plate be torqued up to? (1. carters2 Posts: 236 Joined: Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:04 pm. Torque Spec SUBSYSTEM Ft-lbs In-lbs Front Suspension (Section 2, Page 14) Ball Joint - Upper 125 (min) Ball Joint TORQUE: TORQUE: LUBE: INCRE. Does the pressure plate need torqueing up evenly or can I hand judge its tightness? Not sure how crucial it is - Cannot find a torque setting for this  Bolt Location. Note: Torque 8mm bolts to 25 ft. Flywheel bolts. Cheers. 25 Apr 2009 I'm installing the pressure plate today and I can't find a torque spec for the bolts that hold it to the flywheel. Other lubrications offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, and will affect the torque figure. Clutch master cylinder with pedal support to bulkhead closure plate. 7 2 Necessity of Single plate clutch 1) To transmit a large amount of torque single plate clutch required 2) Response time to operate is very less compared to the multi-plate clutch. Classic Vespa Torque Settings Vespa Common Torque Settings Large Frame Kg from Kg to Lbf from Lbf to Nm from Nm to Carb bolts 1. 25 25 Screws and nuts M6x1 10 Screws and nuts M 5 x 0 . Tightening the bolts in stages like 2 turns each bolt in a star pattern diagonally across the pressure plate keeps Feb 26, 2019 · Therefore, the Blue Plate clutch modules were ordered with corresponding steels under a single PN: RCPBP-11 (order RCPBP-10 if steels aren't needed). Compressing the springs beyond these lengths will cause damage to the clutch. The clutch contains two friction plate sets, each rigidly connected to a driveshaft, that come into contact to engage. 5 Reflector nut M4x0. As seen on the graph below, the clamp load (or torque capacity) of the High Ratio pressure plate is relatively flat until . Connect the hose to the crankcase. 30mm) to compensate for wear on pressure plate. Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts, 14 to 20. clutch cover/pressure plate torque setting Can anyone tell me what the torque wrench setteing is for the above on a 2. 2005 C50 with 31,000 miles I recommend removing the lower exhaust pipe. 09159-24010 Jul 19, 2016 · As the clutch discs wear and become thinner, the entire stack height will shorten, which will raise the pressure plate fingers, reducing the free play. Flywheel - 61 to 69 Foot Pounds 2. Unless you have clutch plates Oct 26, 2016 · The torque and power requirements cannot be met with a conventional clutch, because it would take up too much space, when several plates that are smaller form an efficient package. Lbs. 94  30 Jun 2006 hi everyone I am changing my clutch and tranny but i can t find the torque specs for the pressure plate and the tranny bolt. Warning!!! If you are using ARP bolts, you must use their specs. Air conditioner pipe retaining bolts. The driven element is the clutch disc with a splined hub which is free to slide lengthwise along the splines of the input shaft. (N. 21482-41g00 bolt, clutch spring 6 15. These grinds exhibit strong mid-range to top end torque and horsepower. Intake Manifold – 12-15 ft-lb (tighten inside to outside Page 50 & 58 in FSM PDF) Air Intake / Water Temp Sensor – 14-22 ft-lb. That's what I remember using when I bolted up the flywheel. 21471-48g00 seat, wave washer 1 109x124x1. The clutch engages when the applied plate pressure exceeds an engagement threshold pressure. When installing a clutch with a Long or Borg & Beck style pressure plate assembly you must remove the plastic spacers between the fingers and the pressure plate cover after you install the clutch. 2ft-lb. Clutch cover plate bolts 21 Jun 2011 Ok here is an easy one. Tightening the bolts in stages like 2 turns each bolt in a star pattern diagonally across the pressure plate keeps it flat while tightening. the torque specs for the pressure plate to flywheel Continue to torque all flywheel-to crankshaft bolts to manufacturer's specifications . 9 120 50 9 43 in. 5 lb ft : Plug Assembly, Automatic Transmission Oil Pan (Y) 20. /lb. Next step is to install the transmission. This topic has been archived. Exhaust / Turbo Manifold – 13-17 ft-lb (tighten inside to outside Page 72 in Tomioka Racing Twin Plate Clutch Kit - EVO 8/9 5 Speed Tomioka Racing twin plate clutch kit features heavy duty pressure plates for high powered applications from street driving, drag and rally. Tightening torque. 2: Driving Strap to Flywheel set screw: 16: 2. Years ago we found a universal chart of Torque Values. Slave cylinder pipe union, 18, 13. " I took that from here Mar 22, 2014 · First things first. ·lbf A/C Compressor x Engine 25 255 18 ECM box stay Nut Bolt 12 18 120 185 9 13 ECM box 6. MGB Torque Specifications Area of Use Torque (ft/lbs) Notes General Use Gearbox remote control cover to tunnel 44 to 46 All models Hydraulic brake pipe connection, 3/8 UNF 5 to 7 Hydraulic brake pipe connect, 7/16 UNF 7 to 10 Alternator shaft nut 25 to 30 All models Interior mirror special screw 5 All models Mar 31, 2020 · The F-150 line of Ford pickup trucks requires 60 to 62 foot pounds of torque between the flywheel and the engine crankshaft, and either 18, 40 or 42 foot pounds for bolts connecting the clutch's pressure plate to the flywheel. . 080". If you do want to use 70 ft lb. Insert a 0. Pressure plate to flywheel bolts. (too much torque, not enough trans): front Borg & Beck clutches are best suited for heavy muscle cars and are exact duplicates of the original Mopar and AMC pressure plates. 8 Nm (6 lbf. Torque converter to drive plate screws Retaining nut for tapered roller bearing Nut for converter housing Bolt for one-way clutch support (use new bolts) Bolt for clutch carrier plate Bearing lock bolt Clamp bolt for clutch lever Screw for transmission oil pan and lock plate Union for oil pressure line Union for oil return line Screw for drive This prompted me to make a second tool from an 18 mm deep drive socket bored to 3/4" to slip over the Kickstarter Crank Spindle. The EAS ® -reverse re-engages automatically simply by rotating backwards slowly, without the need for pneumatics or hydraulics – ideal for drives which cannot be accessed for re-engagement. G16a/b,1. AC compressor Magnetic clutch compressor – magnetic coil: Torque to 5 Nm Magnetic clutch compressor – drive plate (5 and 6 cylinder engines): Torque to 13 Nm Magnetic clutch compressor – drive plate (8 cylinder engine): Torque to 24 Nm. Pressure plate bolts are torqued in three phases, the torque specs are 20-40-52 ft/lbs of torque. Alternator: Air conditioner compressor mounting bolts. Then, following the order shown in the diagram below, remove the bolts holding the pressure plate to the flywheel. 1 10. Driven discs are available in a range of spline sizes. 8 3 LOCK 2 Coolant hose clips 2. PN: MST559033 - Centerforce II, Clutch Pressure Plate and Disc Set | Fits Ford - Galaxie - 1966-1967 - Naturally Aspirated - 7. So I was wondering if anyone has the torque specs for the 4 bolts holding the plate in? Thank you all in  15 Aug 2009 For GM c20let flywheel bolts and GM c20xe clutch pressure plate bolts. 5: Heater Control to Cylinder Head: 6 to 8: 0. Apply the engine oil to the O-ring. This is a simple process to perform. Clutch release cylinder x Transaxle 12 120 9 Clutch release cylinder bracket Bolt A Bolt B 12 4. Model 3's unreadable in any locations or missing. Install the oil level gauge guide tube to the crankcase. - For more news, reviews and Top Tens, visit https://www. Slide the throw-out bearing and fork as one unit from the transaxle; Fig. Torque the bolts in a star pattern. Bell Housing - No specs found. If this is the case , you must to tighten them to OEM torque specs as listed in the manufacturer's service manual. A better way is to set a dial indicator in contact with the top of the stud and then tighten the head nut until the stud is elongated by an amount that indicates the desired Remove the 4 bolts that attach the torque tube to the clutch housing. Torque to 30-35 lbs. 8 2. 25 Nm (18 lbf. 20+1+1 POSITION CLUTCH - 20+1+1 torque settings provide precise control for driving in/out screws to prevent stripping, with drilling and hammer drilling 2 functions, ideal for drilling into wood, ceramics, drywall, metal, plastics and even concrete HIGH TORQUE& VARIABLE SPEED - MAX 70 N. 11: Main Bearing set screws: 60 to 65: 8. It is not advisable to modify dual mass flywheels except where there is no other option pressure plate bolt torque: hand tight, then tighten diagonally or in a pattern, in stages, to a final torque of 15 ft-lbs. I plan on doing some more engine work down the road and when increasing the torque the clutch can show its weakness. Use torque wrench to install fastener to the torque value from the chart below. 27. 21451-48g00 plate, clutch driven no. Note: These specifications apply only to the fasteners supplied by Centerforce. When delivered from the factory, friction clutches are normally set to their rated torque settings. Thanks m/port. Size, TORQUE* (Ft. Chevrolet small-block engines, produced by General Motors, include the 267-, 327- and 350-cubic-inch V8s. Joined Aug 7, 2015 · 3,622 Factory settings. 7 cdti 2004 astra g It just says follow manufacture torque specs. 1 ft-lb. Flywheel/flexplate bolts 55 ft. Applications. com you will need to torque the clutch hub nut. car should be back up and running with new tranny case driveshaft, new exhaust, and the whole nine yards flywheel back, by this evening. 7 engine. on the adapter ring and re-torque the nuts to 25 ft. Pontiac Engine Torque Specs Bolts or Parts Lube or Sealer Torque to: Main Caps Engine Oil 95 ft-lbs. keep track of were the bolts for the cover came from. 9L-300ci-S6 Engine Torque Specs. 20 Dec 2017 I think my manual said 67 lb/ft. 2 to 15. IMPERIAL. Front cover bolts 30 ft. 19. Post Nov 01, 2015 #1 2015-11-01T22:24. Go. Put the cover plate and the new driven plate (still with hub toward the engine) on the clutch shaft. 5 Screws and nuts M10x1. Since you have NOT modified the reverse piston and are using the stock configuration of clutches (replace wavy cushion plate with flat steel clutch plate), the clearance will be acceptable as set. 2 11. 0. Flywheel housing to engine block bolts 50 ft. When you fit the clutch disc make sure you do it right, the Sachs set I had made it easy because it was written on both sides of the disc. 24 Jun 2015 Will the settings for a 1. 6-6. 5 Twin Plate Cast Iron Plate Installation Guidelines: Tech Note U: Flywheel Ring Gear re-use: Tech Note V: High Torque Centre Clutch Plates: Tech Note W: Hyundai Pull Type Clutch remove & replace: Tech Note X: Disassembly and installation procedure: Tech Note Y: Mitsubishi V6 Clutch remove & replace: Tech Note Z: Nissan/GMHH 6 or 9 Mopar Small Block Bolt Torque Specifications. m) A/C Refrigerant Filter Retaining Nuts 11 (15) Compressor Bracket Mounting Bolts 37 (50) Compressor Clutch Plate Retaining Bolt 13 (18) Compressor Discharge Hose Nut At Connector 12 (16) Classic Vespa Torque Settings Vespa Common Torque Settings Large Frame Kg from Kg to Lbf from Lbf to Nm from Nm to Carb bolts 1. Here are some other videos if you are doing a clutch job. [ dry]. If fastener is not listed use OEM torque specifications. Hi does anyone by chance have the torque settings for my 2003 LT 35 (ANJ) 2. The clutch plate has an inside diameter of 3⅛", and 3⅞ when including the ear. Headers, dual exhaust, large cfm carburetor, performance ignition and increased compression of 10. High Ratio pressure plates offer high clamp load over a wide wear range, while Ultra-High Ratio pressure plates provide 20% more clamp load and diaphragm spring travel (modulation). 5 kgf・m / 18 lb・ft } · 3. I went mid range with 20 Aug 2017 1971 Plymouth. If its on an axle made to handle higher torque settings, probably no big deal. 5 Doing my first clutch job with a buddy this weekend - he runs a Cherokee not a Wrangler - said that we will need this info. A complete listing of all premium Raybestos Powertrain torque converter The Centerforce ® Dual Friction ® Clutch Series is a performance matched pressure plate & disc combination featuring the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system (where applicable) and specialized machining processes to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics, while offering outstanding holding-capacity and durability. Thank You in advance. thats a big difference and i just wanna be  Pressure plate and flywheel bolt torque settings? Started by , Apr 04 2009 07:36 AM. Install the pressure plate onto the studs on the adapter ring, paying special attention to the alignment of the drive straps on the floater and the drive straps on the pressure plate! proved performance and feel. Features a carbon semi-metallic 6 puck sprung hub disc that has been the leading puck clutch in drivability, life and torque capacity. final stage: additional 1/4 turn (90o turn) pressure plate bolt torque: hand tight, then tighten diagonally or in a pattern, in stages, to a final torque of 15 ft-lbs. First I took the spline lube that came with the clutch kit and applied some of it to the centre hole of the clutch disc. 9: Flywheel Housing bolts and stud nuts: 18: 2. * Follow factory torque sequence Clutch Spring Torque? RobG. Well, Initial setting – all bolts: 10: 89 lb-in: 7 lb-ft: Final setting: M10 x 118 5 mm silver bolts: 40: 354 lb-in: 30 lb-ft: M10 x 118 5 mm green bolts: 75 o: 75 o: 75 o: M8 bolts: 32: 283 lb-in: 24 lb-ft: Bonneville and T1OO from engine number 307174 and: Thruxton, Scrambler, America and Speedmaster from engine # 326094: Initial setting – all Wet clutches in general have multiple clutch plates (in cars) and have a supply of oil to lubricate and cool the components. Cheers Eddie This video will show you how to install the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate and bell housing on a Chevy small block 350 cu in V8. in this order. At one point, Todd says the value is "7" but at another point he mentions "inch pounds" in a video where he's talking about using an impact wrench to tighten these (I'm not skillful enough with an impact to try that myself). The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. Turning the adjuster screw further will cause it to come out of the adjuster base. Choose from our selection of torque clutches, including over 175 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. 2 Guess Avenue Wolli Creek NSW 2205 Australia. Parts needed: 21 21 2 343 464 - Set of Springs and Clutch Plates. Determining Pedal Ratio. It could be another case of Western Mitsu rubbish. Just take it slow and make sure that the shift rods and slave cylinder do not get pinched by the transmission. In. The hex bolts are super tight. If the bolts are oily, reduce those torque values to 15 ft-lbs and 30 ft-lbs, respectively. Flywheel to pressure plate 15 Nm 14 lbf/ft 1. Last. 83 to 1. 09" (2. the torque specs for the pressure plate to TORQUE WRENCH SETTINGS. 5 45 Screws and nuts M8x1. Remove the pressure plate and set aside. 21451-48g10 plate, clutch driven no. 4 to 4. i have a 986 Porsche Boxster S 2000 with 6 manual transmission and 2. 5 Kgf-m, 68. D. belt, as per our videos on www. NOTE 1: The torque values represented here are intended to be for general information only, not for specific installations. Slave cylinder bleed nipple, 7, 5. Engine front side. HVAC System Torque Specifications HVAC SYSTEM TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS Application Ft. The clutch pressure plate is 35 ft. With service kits and replacement friction discs available, a Quarter Master® clutch is a race-winning investment. TORQUE DESCRIPTION. I don't want to buy a manual since it's not my Clutch Bore Torque Range Maximum Size Min Max* (Lb. The clutch assembly accomplishes this using the clutch plate, flywheel, and pressure plate. Depending on the number of friction plates, a clutch can be: single plate clutch; multi-disc clutch. $$ The angle of wrap is $$3\pi /2$$ radians. Utilizing ARP Ultra Torque Lube (129 Nm) RHS #549150 LS Torque Plate Set. Content is from the 1970 Dodge Dart/Challenger Service Manual 81. Jan 10, 2016 · Torque figures for clutch and flywheel bolts? And Original OEM make? - posted in Clutch and Gearbox: Does anyone have a link to the torque figures for the flywheel bolts and clutch bolts etc for a Mark iv Pd 130hp. Dec 01, 2008 · In other words, if you compare an 11-inch clutch with a 12-inch clutch that has the same clamp load and point of friction, the 12-inch clutch will hold more torque hands-down every time. Jun 30, 2017 · If all else fails and you cant find the torque spec above you can also look up the “M” size bolt standard in this BMW standard guide, and use that torque accordingly. So buy, borrow or rent a high-quality torque wrench, analog or digital "click", and use the torque values listed below to set those bolts to the correct tightness. ft) Camshaft cover to camshaft carrier bolts. My TIS disk doesn't cover the later vehicles so if someone can assist with the following torque settings I would appreciate it: A. Fuel Pressure Regulator - 7. There are several brands and styles of these VPPs. The solid discs improve gear shifting speed and durability of the clutch. anyone know? any  Insert an guide tool into the disc and set the cover and disc on the flywheel; Fig. Exhaust Manifold, 25-30. Once in contact, the plates experience frictional torques that enable power to flow between the driveshafts. Jan 24, 2004 · When i install my clutch today, what are the torque specs on the pressure plate are there any? a sequence would also be helpful otherwise i am just gonna do the star pattern thing thanks guys, jason p. Once engaged, the plates experience frictional torques that enable them to transmit power between the base and follower driveshafts. Apply ARP Ultra-Torque ® to fastener threads and the underhead of the bolt or underside of the nut. All for a 2012 Corsa D, 1. 3 Jan 2009 Assuming you mean the 6 bolts/setscrews that attach the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel? They are 5/16" diameter bolts, which are 25 lbf. Alliance™ Parts clutches are built to OE specifications for most makes and models of heavy-duty trucks to ensure confident, smooth shifting and long clutch life. Place matchmarks on the cover and flywheel before separating the components; Fig. 85-100 HP: 60 HP: Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts: 17-20 : Transmission to Bell Housing: 40-50 : Starter Bolts: 15-20 : Fuel Pump: 6-9 : Spark Plugs (7/8-18 Cast Iron Heads) 34-38 : Spark Plugs (18mm Cast Iron Heads) 28-32 Do you have any info on torque settings for crankshaft seal plate, flywheel, clutch bolts for a 1. When working on early cars & trucks there is nothing in the shop manual to show you how much to tighten down vital components such as head bolts, main bearing bolts, flywheel bolts, etc. PG1 manual. The first torque stage is 6 ft-lb, second is 22 ft-lb, followed be a torque angle of 90 degrees. FLYWHEEL FASTENER TORQUE GUIDE. Are they supposed to be this tight. Step #1. 5/2. Clutch clearance setting for ten (10) clutch set-up: . ft) A/C compressor bolts. 6 Nm on the WSM. Not a debate. Plates Oil Oil filter Clutch cover gasket and O-ring. See The Torque Table for a list of Torque values. you should use a new circlip each time this nut is removed. Cylinder head modifications would be beneficial. The torque specifications for the bellhousing that mounts the transmission to the engine block is 25 ft. 21462-48g00 disc, clutch pressure 1 12. Hub body bolts, 15 to 22. 4 9. May 13, 2016 · I'm fitting a new DMF, clutch kit and bolts tomorrow and my manual has not arrived yet. 6 13. 14 and 15. What torque do you need to do the flywheel and clutch cover bolts up to? Based on 106 gti, flywheel 65nm and pressure plate 25nm petal  Hey hows it going everyone? I have a 1974 Honda CB750 and the bolts holding my clutch lifter plate in came loose. Hub cover bolts, 72 to 109 in-lbs. according to my shop manual the pressure plate bolts are 5/16 x 5/8" set screws and should be  20 Jan 2017 But it does not help to ascertain the correct torque spec for my flywheel bolts. Cheers for any help,   Clutch. When this occurs, the entire plate must be disassembled for repair. Hysteresis Brake (Ogura Clutch) Ogura Clutch. This is achieved by tensioning the clutch springs to their maximum compressed length. Intake Manifold, 23-28. Freewheeling hub. Cast aluminum is a heavy duty economical alternative to steel. 5 TDi engine . This causes the surfaces between the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate to Apr 21, 2018 · Torque Wrench settings (LB FT) Automatic Stick Shift Clutch housing switch (18 ) Transmission case selector switch (18 ) Gearshift housing neutral safety switch (18 ) Torque converter to drive plate screw (18 ) Lock plate to retaining ring screw (7) Gears to transmission nut (160) Jul 19, 2011 · (1) Special clutch alignment tool (comes with clutch set usually) (1) Torque wrench capable of 10 to 110 ft. 0 51 44 in. 25, length . just lookup the fastener size and use the standard values based on fastener type, size, thread pitch, lubed, and material it is threaded into. Nm. Fuel Tank Unit (8 bolts) - 3ft-lb. 78. Torque Setting Ft. 06-9. Haynes says 12-13 ft-lb - doesn 't call out different numbers for EJ22 or EJ25. Caliper guide pin nuts. 21472-48g00 washer, clutch plate 1 14. Red Loctite would be excessive and may make future removal of the pressure plate difficult. Flywheel Bolt Torque. It will be necessary to rotate the torque tube 180° to allow the triangular tabs on the torque tube to clear the torsion bar tube. 1250 600-2,000 1,000 Basic Selection Chart Torque Adjustment Each clutch is tested throughout the torque range then set at the minimum torque range value at the factory. 2000 and later is 52ft-lbs. using part number 99794 1025. Bolt Torque Guide. 25. 1; 2; Next. Some says that K7029001 Sachs Clutch kit Porsche reference S98611691102 is for my car, but orthers says the K7019301 Sachs is the correct. Coan Engineering provides “A Winning Combination” of performance transmission components and torque converters to racers across the globe by implementing the most advanced design and manufacturing techniques in the industry. Final torque to: 35 - 38 ft/lbs. Cheers Stu. i need the torque specs for the: flywheel bolts pressure plate bolts 10 Oct 2014 Hi, Im fitting a new clutch and flywheel to my altezza rs200 tomorrow. I think it would be the same as the 350 engine which is 60 ft lbs for the flywheel (75 ft lbs if using arp bolts) and 35 ft lbs for the pressure plate. single plate clutch diagram. 1-29. Install the clutch push rod (12) into the countershaft. 7 Lbf-ft) Lock the clutch sleeve hub nut with a center punch. What is the correct torque setting for the flywheel/ clutch plate (luk) in a 97- 2. The torque sequence is 1-4-6-2-5-3 IF YOUR CAR STILL HAS A FACTORY CLUTCH PEDAL ASSIST SPRING REMOVE IT BEFORE DRIVING, THIS WILL ALLOW A MORE LINEAR PEDAL FEEL AND WILL IMPROVE THE DRIVING CHARACTERISTICS OF THE UNIT. I don't have my vida equipped computer so bear with me. Drain the oil Pull the clutch cover. Tech Sheet Insert – Sport Clutch Bolt Torque Settings; Back to Tech Sheet Inserts. Camshaft Timing Gear: 15-20: Clutch Pressure Plate Bolts: 17-20: Bell Housing to Block: 37-42: Trans to Bell Housing: 40-50: Starter Bolts: 15-20: Fuel Pump: 6 - 9: Spark Plugs: 25-30: Generator Bracket: 55-70 Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing Ford - Clutch Plates - Transmission Internals Clutches Clutches Your clutch is mission-critical for keeping your truck on the road. I'm a bit surprised as it  I'll be on my feet soon and when I do, I need to install the clutch and pressure plate on my engine. 7 inch pounds can't possibly be right so I my stupid DMF bit the dust last night. Cable Winches - Engagement: Plate / Disc; Torque: 76. Mar 09, 2010 · Tighten them up good and snug, you don't need a torque wrench. Thats for six-speeds through 1999. Position the flywheel on the crankshaft flange and install the mounting bolts. Jul 05, 2013 · Tilton recommends a 7/8-inch bore master cylinder for a street clutch, while McLeod usually recommends a 3/4-inch bore master cylinder. Flywheel to Crankshaft, 75-85. homebrew intake with napa 6637, 3" DP and test pipe, Luk clutch! Oct 01, 2009 · Combined with the upgraded pressure plate, this clutch will hold about 20 percent more torque than stock. cheers. ) RPM 060. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. Clutch housing bolts 30 ft. 7 LS1, 6. ft) Hydraulic pipe union. 30 Dec 2009 Newbie Tech Section - 85 pickup pressure plate torque specs???? - :think:so the book says to tighten the pressure plate to the torque specs but does not give the specs can anyone help me out? my book says 55 ftlbs. Fuel Tank Vapor Control Valve - 3ft-lb * [BUY PARTS] WHEEL,BRAKES & STEERING TORQUE SPECS. A torque limiter may limit the torque by slipping (as in a friction plate slip-clutch), or uncouple the load entirely (as in a shear pin). 6gearz · Premium Member. Flexplate to torque converter bolts 270 in. I have scoured the service manual for the torque specs for the right side case bolts and that figure it no where  6 Feb 2011 I just took a moment to look it up in my OEM manual set, and in Group 3, 30-1, page five under torque specs for dual mass flywheel, it says “25  anyone on here know what to torque a falcon flywheel up to???, mine came loose last night also destroyed the clutch plate in the process, want  3 Oct 2011 Does anyone have off hand the torque settings for the pressure plate and flywheel bolts on a 4age 20v. , disconnect the clip shown in the figure and set the wiring harness aside. One time use torque to yield bolts that go to 35 ft/lbs and then 60 degrees. Fuel Pulsation Damper - 16ft-lb (from feed line to fuel rail) Fuel Tank Mounting Bolts - 33ft-lb. 14 Jun 2003 Clutch pressure plate bolts, torque settings needed! RickKlem. See the chart below for proper torque specs. m torque and variable spe Plate to Case Bolt (Shipping) 20-25 lb ft : Plate to Converter Bolt (Shipping) 20-25 lb ft : Plug Assembly, Automatic Transmission Oil Pan (C/K) 22. 17 Jan 2008 Can anyone help me, im in the middle of my first clutch replacement. Mar 14, 2005 · Well, I finally got around to reinstalling the flywheel and new clutch on Hugos engine yesterday. Per the FAQ torque specs, these bolts should be 16-17. got the part back in, had to grind two little tabs that help with alignment, than used vice grips to hold it tight to block while i tighten the bolts, used a little extra gasket maker to be on the safe side, I have a Haynes for a mustang and it says 52-64 pounds, so thats what I did, the pressure plate it says is 12-24pds, so I am putting that on now, my torx was giving out on me right at the Need clarification ASAP this is from the facts list. 000 2. What is the correct torque setting for the flywheel/clutch plate (luk) in a 97- 2. When they bottom out give them a little tweak and you are good to go. I want this thread to be for information only. 54 . Use 26 ftlbs of torque to bolt the pressure plate (hat) bolts  27 May 2005 i am about to do a clutch job on my truck, i dont wanna buy a chiltons just for the torque specs for the pressure plate anyone have a chiltons or  6 Sep 2009 Pressure Plate to flywheel bolts torque to 15ft-lbs and aditional 30 degrees. ACE pump bolts. ft) Clutch master cylinder to pedal box. 11/32 in. The clutch can be bidirectional or unidirectional. The torque varies with the smoothness of the threads and with any grease or oil on the threads. Someone asked the same. 6 2 12 14 16 20 Clutch nut 4 4. Dual Mas Flywheel to crank, cover plate to flywheel and prop shaft to gearbox ****** bolts and if poss any other torque settings for this area The torque-carrying capacity of a clutch is determined by: all of the above When a multiple-disc clutch is used as a holding member, the lugs of the unlined plates are splined into The flywheel provides a friction surface for the clutch disc, a torque buffering mass, a mounting surface for the pressure plate, a mounting for the starter driven gear, and on some engines the flywheel is a factor in engine balance. 270. sounds more like the flywheel bolt torque. Some racers mark the turns they have in the clutch on the side of the bellhousing in order to keep track of where they are set. _____ Factory specification for the MGB, from the factory workshop manual, is "25-30 lbft (3. Flywheel installation (4JJ1) · 1. Tightening torque clutch sleeve hub nut (a): 95 n·m (9. Figure 3 provides some information for anyone looking to deviate from the above settings. 0 to 33825. The 10. If I was to give a torque setting I would say 70 in. I was meaning flywheel to crankshaft, Mitsu must have thought I  hey all, well got a new clutch and all and wonderin what the specs should be to torque the pressure plate to the fly wheel. Check here for special coupons and promotions. 5 kgf/m. 3 8. Discussion Starter • #1 F a [N] – the normal force pressing the clutch plate T c [Nm] – the torque capacity of the clutch r 1 [m] – the inner radius of the friction surface r 2 [m] – the outter radius of the friction surface. EPI Clutch Kits and Drive Belts are the #1 aftermarket choice by more dealers, racers and enthusiasts. 1. clutch plate torque settings

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